Alan Bowers

Mr. Louisiana Leather 2005.

​President of the

Knights d'Orleans

growth in Action

  • Monthly Group meetings to foster fraternity and brotherhood.
  • Yearly Meetings call Runs
  • Competition yearly to select Mr. Big Easy Leather
  • Regular Scheduled Local events to promote "community."

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Marc Xavier

Mr. Rawhide 2016

Treasurer for ​the

Knights d'Orleans

Find your inner skills and strengths by helping others

Our Mission



Work With Members in Your Community and Make a Difference

For more than 30 years, Knights D'Orleans has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for the rebirth and revitalization of our Leather Culture in our unique internationally flavored city of New Orleans .



The purpose of this organization shall be the binding together of persons with shared interests in leather and levi and to promote brotherhood, education, and service to the community

Each Year the Knights d'Orleans will hold a contest to select a title holder to represent us at the International Mr. Leather Contest in Chicago, Illinois. This year's winner was selected October 8, 2016. The Knights D'Orleans celebrated their 42nd Anniversary Weekend Run that same weekend.

Knights D'Orleans

  • Seeking to promote cooperation among local leather groups and businesses.
  • Education for Safe, Sane, Consensual Leather Lifestyle
  • ​Supporter/ Sponsor NOLA Leather 2 Geaux

We seek to organize people interested in preserving the history of this well-established group in this world class city and region.

Kent Dugan

Vice President of

​the Knights d'Orleans

D. A. Durazo

Mr. Knights D'Orleans 2017

Secretary of the 

Knights d'Orleans

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D. A. Durazo selected as the Third Mr. Big Easy Leather

Our vision and mission is to give a new revitalization to Leather in New Orleans. To promote a camaraderie between Leather Folk, Leather Clubs, and Leather Businesses.